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film de cu escort girl fougeres

Chief 410th FS R3-F, 373rd FG, 9th AF; "Dorothy K". 26633 (MSN 2210) 352nd FS SX-J, 353rd FG, 8th AF, Raydon, Station 157; "Dickee Dee 82nd FS MX-E, 78th FG, 8th AF, Duxford, Station 357; 326th Ferrying Squadron, 1st Transport Group, 9th AF, Creil A-81, France; Accident29Dec44 landing at Verdun/Etain-Rouvres. 7907 (MSN 55) 350th FS LH-J, 353rd FG, 8th AF, Goxhill, Station 345; "Lonesome Polecat Metfield, Station 366; Crashed near Dusseldorf, Germany November 5, 1943; macr 1447. To South African AF as 6867 Oct 4, 1945. Returned to Israel Defence Force Jan 25, 1962 as 4X-FAH, fate not known. 3085 (94th BG, 331st BS, "Helno Gal badly damaged by flak at Emden, Germany and crashed near North Weald, UK May 21, 1943. Surveyed DeRidder AAF Apr 3, (312 BG, 389 BS) w/o as Rice AAF, CA Jun 7, 1943. film de cu escort girl fougeres

1942 usaaf: Film de cu escort girl fougeres

Known as WeGo21 in Korea Sep 1953. To OO-AUQ Sabena Aug 13, 1946. To Ruhe Sales Inc, Leipsic, OH R 0ct 1990, bought Oct 19, 1990. 29252 (MSN 2914) 21st FS, 413th FG, 1st AF, Bluethenthal Field, Wilmington, NC, Damaged 7Dec44 taxying at Bluethenthal. Delivered to Basler Airlines Aug 14, 1991. Reclaimed at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ 10May54 24862 Delivered to usaaf 15Nov44. To US Marine Corps Jul 29, 1943 as R4D-0 23812 (MSN 9674) to usaaf Jun 28, 1943. The blast was terrific, fire flashed all around, the front bomb bay bulkhead door was blown in and shrapnel splattered the airplane.

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To Rougham Jun 13, 1943, Transferred to 92nd BG, 407th BS at Alconbury Jul 26, 1943. Damaged taxiing Ward's Drome NG 14Apr44, repaired. 23880 (MSN 9472) to usaaf Jun 21, 1943 - 5th AF Brisbane Aug 26, 1943 - Pacific Wing ATC Oct 2, 1944 - Stored Aug 22, 1945 - To RFC Nov 16, 1945 - To NC65386 - To CC-CLP. SOC Feb 22, to RAF as Kittyhawk III FR440. 10184 to raaf as A29-1Crashed near Laverton, VIC Mar 1943. 26081 (MSN 1658) 33rd FS 22, 342nd Composite Group, Iceland Base Command, Patterson Field, Keflavik, Iceland. Returned to usaaf Sep 26, 1946. 13218 W/o t Akron, OH 13219 (1st FG, 71st FS) collided in midair with P-38G 43-2452 and crashed at Lake Lentini, Sicily, Italy Jul 11, 1943. 28404 (MSN 2066) 361st FS QI-F, 356th FG, 8th AF, Martlesham Heath, Station 369; 23rd FS, 36th FG, 9th AF, Le Culot A-89, Belgium; Damaged 23Feb45 taxying at Le Culot. 10413 to RAF as Kittyhawk III FR520.

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